We are here to dance with the rhythms of nature in their constant flow in what we call life.
But what if we decided to dance to one rhythm?
What if we clang to what we thought we knew? What makes us dance to that one rhythm?
To what extent does conditioning play a part?...

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I knew you would say yes! …But hold up here until you read this anecdote…

Stumbling in the dark I could hear the sound of my breath gasping for air. My sweaty palms leading the way with heated fear. “Get closer”, called a voice from everywhere BUT nowhere. I asked why as if to protest the inconvenience. Can’t you speak up, I asked. “To hear a whisper is to get closer and sometimes uncomfortably closer. Came the reply, for whispers are guiding hands to silence. To know silence is to know yourself.
If you have never been silent, you have not Truly; Laughed, Cried, OrLoved. For how can you experience anything without knowing yourself?” So in my feeble trust, I got closer to that which no knowledge knows.

And since then, I have found that in its infinite vastness lies all the bliss man can ever wish for.
An invitation lies open for those who are ready to walk the unmarked path. An invitation for self-discovery. Who wants in?



Through the language of poetry and other art forms, we can all begin this exploration. I therefore invite you to the language of silence; POETRY. To understand poetry you have to get in touch with your inner most being. In poetry, words are written with the wordlessness of a rustling wind, the fragrance of a rose and what to say about THE bridge between your inhalation and exhalation. Join me on this exploration of SELF.

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Fragrance of Love is written from the heart and can only be read by the heart. In it is an open invitation to explore not only yourself but also the society we live in. I only started questioning the society we live in when I started reading poetry, I never knew I would one day write poetry. This may be your chance to open up to your creative juice too. In a very unlike partnership, poetry was born and is born almost daily through me.

You could be next! Dare to Explore yourself!

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A Coffee Morning With a Difference

A brief meeting with a stranger changes Delilah’s hobby as a painter to a sharable art. But Delilah has old enemies in traditions, can she overcome her fear and open up to this one time opportunity?
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Happiness Within The Boundaries of Choice: An Exploration Of E=MC2

There was a time when I thought that everything was random. Everything! Everything from how I thought to the consequences of my actions. That was until one day I came across a book that explained the threshold of the mind. How we are, what we do and what we have- all depends on the programming we have been subjected to. I took the first steps to complete happiness. I was wobbling, but that’s how toddlers learn to walk. Now I’m walking, I soon hope to be jogging, and then, eventually, I hope to be running. Are you still crawling? Walk with me. Jog with me. Run with me. Maybe one day, you’ll fly with me.
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Inner Magnet