How your Brain can Create Order out of Chaos


How your Brain can Create Order out of Chaos

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The systems we have in place determine how much order or chaos we have in our lives. Open systems have less chaos as they have the ability to dissipate the disorder. When closed systems get chaotic they break down as there is no ability to dissipate the chaos. In a moment of crisis we begin to see things in very different perspectives; in other ways new possibilities appear. Depending on the intensity of the crisis we are forced to re-evaluate our lives hence open to change. We become open to new ways of doing or seeing things.

Why Chaos is good (a blessing in disguise)

Because of the chaotic experiences, we begin to seek ways to create order: however before the chaos this information or means was available but you chose to ignore it, avoid it or may be not notice it. The changes allow the system to learn new coping mechanisms and hence the experience is no longer traumatic. The brain uses these new experiences to construct a new map to cope in future. I f you are then faced by a similar experience, it will not bother you as you will have learnt a new coping way.

Allow the best stimulation for your brain to grow; do not wait for chaos to knock at the door before you sort your brain resilience out. Simple things like not exposing yourself to violence, whether through media or physical. Exercise and eat right to help the healthy growth. More importantly, develop a spiritual practice that enables a steady growth of new neural path ways of coping.

Meditation is one of the best brain training tools you can use to change the quality of your brain hardware. It is more available. We are giving away a free track at  an audio of the Science of getting Rich and a full library of classics to get you on your journey.

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