Abreast –A Lover’s Tug (Original Poem)

Abreast –A Lover’s Tug (Original Poem)

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Written by @linzo

Soft, soothing comfort to rival a baby’s skin

Breasts so tender, an abundant flow of milk

A teasing smell of an evening rose, so clean

Air bowing, to waves of grace at each take


Pleasure grounded in a mother’s touch

One that is assured to always be there

In milk ducts that flow in every munch

Plumbed in every man, in kind flare


Boundless comfort in a lover’s nest

A dance in groans in sweet delight

A child in full glee, satisfaction intact

No measure to level the spirit of light


A tapestry of love in many colours

An ordered match to heart centre

Diffusion of all other infused odours

As love demands its central spectre

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Happy New to all of you lovely people!  With deep gratitude for all your support. I love you all!


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