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Turning the other Cheek ( Original Poetry)

Want to read more, check out a collection of poetry here. Image credit: Pixabay

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Cause (Original Poetry)

Love poetry? Download your free copy here.

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Creatures of Habit (Original Poem)

Written by Linzo Creatures of habit, humans are bred Living routines for our daily bread   Like revolving doors, predictable of course A dare in […]

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Ain’t! (Original Poem)

Written  by Linzo   I ain’t staying in nappies forever! Oh no, I ain’t! There comes a time for potty training And hey, toilet training […]

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Living in the past has cost me dear (Original Poem)

Living in the past has cost me dear In misery and despair it is all clear Entangled in what could have been The struggle goes […]

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Inner Magnet