Here Now!

Transition (poem)

From baby to toddler, no transition lines Nothing to show for neither a beginning nor an end Life continues to dance in boundless transitions While […]

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No Such Thing as Straight Lines(Poetry)

Love poetry? Check out my book here or download a free copy of poetry. Written  by Linzo There is no such thing as straight lines […]

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Living in the past has cost me dear (Original Poem )

Living in the past has cost me dear In misery and despair it is all clear   Entangled in what could have been […]

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Ball of Fire (Original Poem)

Written by @linzo Ball of fire Take me higher Ignite my passion For life’s compassion Enslaved by my own mind I resent my daily grind […]

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What is your story?

Written by @linzo   All the greats have been and gone History was yesterday Tomorrow is yet to come   In this fast moving […]

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Inner Magnet