How Happy are you?

Discover the key to your Potential Awareness.....
.....and how that can unlock your Happiness next.

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You’ve just discovered the most powerful
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Are you sick and tired of being a Spiritual Wanderer moving from teacher to teacher?
Are you ready to prepare yourself for Higher Possibilities?

If you want to discover the secret to your Happiness, Passion and Purpose and experience positive Growth in your Life ?

But this is no Secret, Ingrained in all life's possibilities is the Power of Choice....
...and with it, the Power to unlock your Happiness.

It has always been that way!

In "Is Happiness A Choice?", you will find a logical scientific guide map to the secret of Happiness.

Along with the key to unlock this Secret, are possibilities that include:

  • How to discover a spiritual connectedness and happiness
  • How to tap into your true essence
  • Break old patterns and create a mindset that WILL help you take charge of your life
  • Experience Success, confidence and more Satisfaction in All Areas of Your Life
  • How to Tap into your individual potential
  • Experience less stress and anxiety
  • How to tap into your energy to create your balance
  • How to access a Heightened sense of Awareness/consciousness


My name Is Lila Linzo

I am the author of "Is Happiness a choice?" What I share with you in the e-book has the makings of the saying, "Truth is stranger than fiction". Why? Because you have always known it, you exercise it every day but with others -never with yourself. Also because....

...Happiness is free and has always been.

Using the tools of scientific heavy weights such as Albert Einstein, I merge the understanding of the West and the exploration of the East in exploring the experience of Happiness.

This is so simple that you will wonder why no one else has been talking about it...

It is your very Own Nature!

My aim is to attract people that are seeking happiness, harmony and success in all levels of being (mental- physical-emotional- spiritual).
This in turn will allow you to experience happiness and freedom. After finding a passion for helping others discover their inner happiness, I wrote this powerful tool for happiness.

"Is Happiness a choice?" will help you Discover:

  • Why the Law of Attraction can never work in the way it is presented
  • The real Secret behind the Secret
  • Whether physical reality is an illusion or we choose to perceive it so?
  • The relationship between Happiness and Conditioning
  • Why you need to understand your Energy Nature for The Law of Attraction to work
  • How you can start to create your reality consciously
  • And so much more!

The results are as endless as your goals.

But why don't you know this Secret to Happiness?
This is simply because:

  • You have always believed that you are unworthy
  • You have been told that you need things to be you postpone your Happiness
  • You have always bought into self-improvement because you thought you are not enough
  • You have also been told that you need someone to make you whole...

But This Is All a Lie!

You are already perfect!

You don’t need to be running around after money, love, and power... you just need to relax into your Perfection!

What's more?

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If you're still hesitating because you don't know how powerful this e-book is, here are a few testimonials from people who have tried it...

I found this book eye opening in its connection of science and the way I see life. I will definitely be using other services.

Clarence Young: Digital poetry

Never have I been made so responsible for my actions, this book showed how I create my life. Truly grateful!

Candice Morton: The mountaineers of tomorrow

I don't want to take any responsibility of my life but what a fun way of using Einstein's work to awaken my responsibility. Way mind blowing!

Pat Tilder Flowers of bloom

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