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Private Sessions

Why use a Private Session

“Meditations of a Watcher” private sessions are the fastest way to access your “Witness”. We will journey through self-exploration in a one to one session where your individual blocks to watching are identified. Just like in the “Double Slit” experiment, the observer changes that which is observed.
By working directly with me, you will learn to identify not only the blocks but also their energy support system. Once a block is brought to your attention, it will loosen its grip.

Session Duration

Meditations of a Watcher initial private sessions lasts 1 hour long.

It is recommended to avail 90 minutes for the first session as it will give me the time to focus on the problem areas. This will not only enable me to draw a viable breakdown for your particular needs but also avail plenty of time for questions at the end.

Invest in yourself!

All private sessions are designed to work over a 90 day period. Should there be any unforeseen interruptions to these sessions, extensions will be provided.

Private Sessions Price list


Private Session (What is included) Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4
1 hour Initial Private Session
Includes a breakdown of Target areas
Includes 30 minutes a week for 4 weeks follow up
Includes 30 minutes a week for 8 weeks follow up
Includes 30 minutes a week for 12 weeks follow up
Session total hours 1 hour 3 hours for the price of one and half 5 hours for the price of two and half 7 hours for the price of five and half
Cost £280
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