Inner Magnet

The depth of the roots that anchor my resolve can be experienced through the spring blossoms.


“ Learn to calm down the winds of your mind,
and you will enjoy great inner peace”
– Remez Sasson

Inner Magnet was started as an obsession to help others through the maze of self-development. But the finger turned towards me when I discovered I couldn’t help anyone else without helping myself! I found out that we are here to explore our innermost core in order to gain ourselves back, what the Zen call the “ORIGINAL FACE”. A face that was forgotten at birth, hidden behind masks of societal conditioning. Hence the origin of our name Inner Magnet, one that can be known through the HEART. I have been writing and exploring myself for years in the field of self-development. But one theme kept coming up, you cannot develop the SELF from the same viewpoint that created the problem. Which is the MIND! So, using my own experience, I playfully use poetry, writing and sometimes music to get a peek at this original face. To get this glance, I have discovered that Silence is the key to this door. What is also known as AWARENESS ( a meditative blissful state). Unfortunately, we cannot be silent without fighting our own minds. The best way I have found is through meditation that helps the absorption of arts and aesthetics that put one inflow, the HEART. So join us in this exploration!

About me
I am an explorer that has been on a seeking path since birth. Some people are born in circumstances that allow them to sleep deeply in the illusion but I was born in a country, family and environment that shattered most illusions earlier on. Having documented this journey in my book “Heart Takeaways”, I have come to realise that your journey is unique to you. That is why it is your journey!
Because we have accumulated a lot of impressions on these journeys, we have forgotten that what we accumulate can be ours but can NEVER be US. I have learnt that I am not my impressions. I am therefore here to help others come to the same conclusion. We can never have a glimpse of who we are within the mind impressions. So I invite you to invest time, love and a lot of attention to yourself. Because after all, that is all there is, “YOU”.