Trapped Escape (Original Poem)

        Trapped Escape (Original Poem)

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Written by @linzo

Raving on like a lunatic, I find my full expression in a bottle

Yonder, lighter than a staggering drunk

Ridding a full bladder home

To share my takings with a public

Indiscriminately relieving my piddle

With a stench of dense liquor


Jolted with jolly skips for strides

An increasing urgency to get home

One that may not be mine for long

As intoxication drowns my sorrows

Numbing the pain that comes with living


A squealing door for a welcome

Hinges voicing their contempt

But nothing stops a good high

The urge to escape so luring

For tomorrow is a century away


But time is armored with cruelty

Morning rousing call for a headache

Awakened from the illusion

That I can escape life

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