Are you Being Bound By Your Perception?

Are you Being Bound By Your Perception?

Perception is bound

Disadvantages of perception bound projection.


Perception works within the five sensory realm of the mind. In other words, this is the only way the mind can interpret the events at hand. The only thing is, just because your mind senses see something in a certain way, it does not mean that it is true. It simply means it is the only way you have learnt to view the world through your pair of eyes. If that view is perceived as good then your experiences will be briefly joyful, however if that view is sad the opposite is true. The recommended view is neutral where nothing is good or bad. From that perception things are just are.

So can you get a neutral perception?

I wrote an article with a title, “Is perception really projection?” And the answer is yes, you are all simply living the lives your minds have bound you to. Can anyone justify that they have ever done anything that did not start with a thought?  It all starts with a thought that triggers a chain of events into action to manifestation. You may not know it but if you are thinking about somebody in a positive or negative way, they will get the vibration and they will act accordingly. So the only way is to get neutral by simply getting out of the mind. Stop thinking and get present, no perception is good perception.

Eliminate the perception you project on others

In order to eliminate the perceptions you project on others, you have to loose the meanings or attachments you have to things or people. That enables you to loose judgements or opening up to love.  Attachments give you a deceptive view of what things are. For example if you can not pay your bills, you will be worried sick (That is attachment to worry). For a moment, imagine the worst if that bill or bills do not get paid. The reality is, you always find a way and you are not going to die. Just remember, from a place of worry and fear, you are non functional. Your ability to handle and manage the situation diminishes hugely. Change the perception and you will be able to step into courageousness which enables positive action.

Whenever you are worried, scared or simply worried about what others think about you, remember it is your perception and your mind is operating from a place of fear helped by the EGO. Drop it there and then and allow yourself to see things for what they are. Receive the lessons hidden in them instead of what they appear to be. If you want to accelerate your growth and learn a natural meditation technique, download a free ebook  ‘ Is Happiness a Choice?’ here.

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