Can you reinvent yourself for wealth?

Can you reinvent yourself for wealth?


Wealth and self reinvention

How to reinvent yourself for wealth.

The ability to reinvent yourself for wealth has never been so important.But the mind map has been driving people’s lives crazy from conditioning. This conditioning can be environment or childhood but whatever it is, it is deeply-rooted in your subconscious mind. By acknowledging that you have been programmed, you are one step in the right direction. This because denial keeps you in the tangle of these programmes. The four quart-rants of wealth are spirituality, financial, relationships and health. When you live at your peak potential in your natural state of happiness, wealth becomes easy and therefore you able to reinvent yourself.

 Quick ways to reinvent yourself for wealth

Spiritual practices: I do not know what you do to get the mind silent but in order to reinvent yourself for wealth, you need a daily spiritual practice. The mind is very busy, it’s like a high way at peak time and unfortunately you can not hear the intuitive messages from that place. In that place of a busy high way you get anger, grief, fear, lust, apathy and pride. These feelings bring up vibrations that keep you in poverty, bad relationships, poor heath, no relationship with creative energy…. The mind needs to be silent for you to perform at a level of Love, grace and awareness. You can not reinvent yourself without a practice that makes the mind quiet. I used to attend all the wealth seminars you can think of for many years. These seminars included b two of Robert kiyosaki’s weekends in 3 years. Nothing happened, however well intentioned I was in spending that money in order to invent myself, I had to do some serious spiritual work first.

So what happened?

My conscious mind was on board 20% for this cause  of reinventing myself for wealth. But 80% was my subconscious mind that had all the programming would not support me on this adventure of self reinvention. Spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, release technique…. will begin to put you in alignment with who you truly are. They begin to turn your  subconscious mind on board. This will in turn help you follow your heart in commitment and love in the journey to reinvent yourself.

To reinvent yourself is to live an inspired life. One that is full of love, happiness, health and joy. All you have to do is get the rest of your mind to get on board through a spiritual practice to align you in your truth. We have free ebook here that will help you understand how the whole process of self reinvention works.

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