If you have not found abundance, you are trying too hard!

If you have not found abundance, you are trying too hard!

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Thoughts are things.

Thoughts are things! stop trying too hard!

You are at it trying too hard to figure out the parts of your life that are not working. If you only knew that your true natural state is happiness and that you just have to, not work at it. You will eventually be happy. Watch babies, unless for external temporary disturbances they are generally happy. Yes, they have not been corrupted by the environment and the parents or guardians whose intention is love. Let go and let God, stop trying too hard to make things work because you did not create your self.

So can we really stop trying too hard?

I would say that there is not really any other options except a dead end road of suffering while you at it trying too hard. You are told by society that you are not enough by constant commercials or any other influences. You then go in a state of wanting that can never be fulfilled. Desire! Desire! Desire, it is an ego driven state that wants and keeps wanting. If you read the definition of the word ‘want’ in the dictionary, you will never again use the word. It means luck, poverty and more negative meanings. So it makes sense to stop wanting and start having. Let go of trying too hard and start having less attachment to things. Therefore you own them rather than them owning you.

Effortless living

When you stop trying too hard, life starts to flow effortlessly like it should. For a moment, just imagine the birds or any other living things, they never go hungry and yet they do not worry about tomorrow. Just let go and enjoy every moment of the living day. Start learning from the challenges of life in order to progress rather than resent them. Have you ever noticed that the more you hate something or someone, the more they or it keeps appearing in your life? Yes it is the vibrations that keep inviting them your way. Stop trying too hard to think them/it out of your life, just love them and if the intention is not pure, they/it will disappear.

You are conditioned in trying too hard, working too hard in competitive markets….. Well, stop the competition and start the creativity. The more you are in competition the less creative you are and the less value you give to the people you are serving. If you do what you love, competition is not necessary because it comes from the core of who you are. You will not be trying to too hard! Visit www.innermagnet.com for a free ebook to accelerate your growth journey.

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