Is Attachment to something Toxic?

Is Attachment to something Toxic?

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Attachment and misery

Why attachment can cause misery.


Attachment to anything takes you from the truth of who you really are.  So what does it mean? The best meaning I have found of the word attachment is a feeling of affection for someone or an institution. Well it goes further because some of us are holding on to feelings and emotions of some sort. For example my dad died before I was born, I have been living in an imaginative world of what could have been. That certainly has not brought him back! So what did I do next, I used my victim feelings to get people feeling sorry for me. That did not certainly bring him back either. So I have decided to loose the attachment to the feelings and emotions of a victim and JUST LET GO. That feels peaceful!

So why are we so attached to anything?

When you begin to ask yourself why you are attached to whatever it is, the answers are endless. We are all unique and that makes the reasons for any attachment to whether feelings, emotions, people or things unique. One thing we all have to know is that attachments cause suffering. Why? For one moment, imagine who or what you are attached to, watch the feelings develop with the thought what if I lost for example all the money, my spouse, my job etc. These feelings are control, security and approval based. But do you realise that you are out of control anyway at the point that it is the EGO working hard to keep you in attachment to these things, people or emotions?

What role does conditioning play?

Conditioning is the main reason for your attachment to anything. You were just brought up that way and just do not know any other way. When you are growing up, you are told how to think, what to say… and more influences come from school, universities and the environment to add to the idea of what things should be. My daughter one day came from school visibly upset because they would not let her join a football team that was full of boys. What was the school doing communicating such a message to a five year old? But they are not to blame, that’s the way things have been done perhaps for generations. We as a species have to get conscious enough to want different ways and means of living. Attachment to anything will definitely not be the way as it just paves the root to constant suffering.

What are you attachment to?

As I mentioned above, we are all unique but you will be surprised when you start asking your subconscious mind questions. You will be shocked. I found out, I was attached to being around constant suffering as I saw myself as the deliverer. How pathetic! I used the release technique at  start my reconditioning journey. After trying many techniques, I have come up with a simple natural technique here.

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