A Rude Awakening (Original Poem )

A Rude Awakening (Original Poem )

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Written by @linzo

Striding warily under my weight

I tend to my bleeding feet, pussy with blisters

Frail body laboring, small steps home

Making each little step count to a giant leap

Patience my only guidance to the post


Journey riddled with obstacles

Navigating them with pure presence

Yesterday a distant memory

Tomorrow only in my imagination

Forced to watch what is in front of me


Beauty unfolding, curiosity adorned

Child like intrigue harnessed

Heart takes the leading role

In a beautiful play called life

Experience taking center stage


Repetition becomes a revolving door

As I seek safety in familiarity

Transient in a fleeting moment

Waters of change stirring up my comfort

Waking me up from my slumber

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