A summer Celebration (Original Poem )

A summer Celebration (Original Poem )

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image credit: Pixabay


The sun is yonder, the sun is out
Hot and spicy, seasoned with tenderness
Helter-skelter, I skip the meadows with joy

The flowers are in full bloom and so is my vitality
The heat is irresistibly inviting
The intensity is mine to bear

As I lay on my back to take my share
I feel the rays touch me softly
Like a beacon of light lit by a torch

Buckets and spades, children bending the sand to their will
Sand castles crumbling under their own weight
Ice cream molding the shape of my tongue

The surf is on and so is the barbecue
Feet crashing away at the sand
Meat sizzling teasing appetites

Laughter and joy feel the air
coming together at last
In celebration summer

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