A Trail Through the Heart – Feeling our Way Home

A Trail Through the Heart – Feeling our Way Home

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A Trail Through the Heart – Feeling our Way Home


We all have preconceived ideas about what home is but can we broaden our perspective?

I used to have images of cosines and  warmth in the company of those I loved when I thought of home.

That fuzzy feeling originated from the heart not my mind. Having been taught to think everything to oblivion, I never gave my heart any credit.

I always felt that feelings were thoughts and vice versa. That I was enslaved to everything and every way I thought about everything.

That the brain was the center of all my functionality and without my rationality, I was not whole.

A lot of us resonate with this kind of thought processing. But is it our idea?

Was it imposed upon us by well-meaning people who had equally inherited the idea from someone else?

This is the root of conditioning; it goes down generations until one generation realizes that the ideas are not theirs. That they are living by someone else’s book. Which isn’t living at all!

These generations then start rebelling in a bid to take charge of their destinies.

 But is this all necessary?

Not really if we were not schooled out of our true nature. The nature of responding to our needs depending to how we authentically felt.

None of the systems will work in their current format if we reverted to working from the heart- feelings.

The language of the heart is the only tangible language that we have as humans.

In the west, most of the languages do not include feelings; they are designed for the rational mind. Indigenous languages have a sort rhythmic feel that encourages the heart to take its place in the way they live their lives.

Not only are we schooled out of feeling honestly but we are also disadvantaged from connecting to our higher selves by the languages.

 But there is always a way back Home?


Like in a children’s story of Hensel and Gretel, they are breadcrumbs left on the trail for those open enough to see. All you need is an openness or curiosity to take the trail of the heart and see where it will lead you.

It is usually easy to open up if you do or be things that you enjoy. Have you ever really watched what happens to the way you feel when you are listening to your favorite song? Fall in Love?

That is your heart at the center of these feeling expressed in what we call emotions. All we have to learn to embrace them is to feel fully. Without rituals or dogmas; just simple feeling.

Children are masters of this as they have not taken on ideas fully from their environments. They cry when they want to cry, laugh to their fullest expression etcetera. Expressing what they feel at any given moment makes them healthier not only emotionally but also otherwise.

Be curious like a child


Our true power lies in being authentic in what we feel. Feelings are the language of the heart. A HEART is the only way we have to connect to source. That is the only way we can live a full and optimal life.

Find your trail today to your heart. You have the breadcrumbs; open your eyes to all possibilities to see it.

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I love you all

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