Are you away with the fairies? Have you tried grounding?

Are you away with the fairies? Have you tried grounding?

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Who doesn’t like to be away with the fairies?

Being grounded is basically staying in the present moment of now in attainment of your balance. Rooted to mother earth so to speak where you can be supported..

No escaping!  Leaving out our obsessions with the future and the past. No reminiscing on the good old days of the 80’s etc, embracing nostalgia to keep you in the past rather than staying in the moment.

However good they were, they are gone, the past has been experienced and the present moment of now, is screaming for you to come back!

With the speed at which all of us are going, we need to know how to ground ourselves. I sometimes feel like I have lost my grip on things if I don’t ground. My mind wanders away to places where I seek solace in escapism. The mind is very good at these games and it is us to recognise the conflict within us when this happens. Usually the mind is a ray of sporadic activity when this happens.


Everything in your immediate environment can be a trigger. For example, relationships, loud noise, stress related triggers etcetera. You will know your personal triggers because each of us is unique to our conditioning.

Grounding will centre you in these situations especially if you learn how to do it on the spot.

You can ground in the following ways:


Any exercise can act as an anchor to stay connected to the energy of the earth. Although some are better than others in how effective they are.

I personally would recommend yoga as it emphases on the root chakra at the base of the spine connected to the universal energy source. Through breathing, breath can connect the root chakra through the spine. Helping you ground your body to the present moment of now.

Take a bath

Taking a bath is not only relaxing but also a great way of grounding yourself. It really doesn’t matter how you take a bath, you will stay grounded.

 Nature walks

Who doesn’t feel the calmness that comes with being close nature? It feels good because it is grounding, keeping you in that one moment.

Being creative

You don’t have to be at purpose here but even playing with play dough can ground you. If you like sawing, knitting, tending to plants e.g. bonsai trees, cooking, crafting etcetera, use these activities as   means to ground.

 How I ground on the spot

  • Once you realise that you out of balance
  • Connect to your heart and feel your body while the attention is on the response of the heart
  • Stay present to the beat of your heart as that is a good sign of what is really going on
  • Accept what you feel as resistance keeps us in the same loop
  • Allow what is happening at that moment and open up to other possibilities
  • Finally, give yourself some well needed love

I love you all

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