Are you standing in the way of your own of success?

Are you standing in the way of your own of success?

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Success is life

Success comes with obeying certain laws of the universe and disobeying these laws sets us on a different path.  In my previous article I mentioned perception being projection: If you see luck in you perception, you will certainly get luck in your projection. One of my mentors said that we often say affirmations of what we want yet get different results as our expectations are different. If you learn to align what you want with what you expect by using the power of thought; then the concept of success is not far from you.

So how can we get out of the way in order to achieve success?

Control Mind Chatter:

That can be the biggest hindrance to success; it is usually a battle going on in your mind and you have to make sure you come out on top. Mind chatter is constant and switching off can be heard but rather than resist it, make it okay  and reassure yourself that you know better than the negative self talk that is bombarding you.  For example I generally do not like talking in groups and the mention of my name to read or speak gives me goose pumps and sends my heart pounding. But recently I started saying to my self that FEAR is for (F) false, (E) Evidence, (A) Appearing and (R) Real. So generally there is nothing to fear, it is a feeling that has haunted me for so long yet so deceptively unreal, after all, what is the worst that can happen? Take the same attitude to success!

Immerse yourself in information and company with people better than you

It is very crucial to learning new ways or tried ways in your success journey. Bob Proctor once said, ‘Take the average of the incomes of the five people closest to you and you will notice that you are all in the same income bracket.’ He met that the average shows the level of growth for those around you and yourself. Change this inner circle and you will start to learn how successful people really wave their magic wands. Most of them will happily pass information on but working close in action with them always brings accelerated learning and results. There is a wealth of information to lead you to success on the internet but finding your inner circle may be not that straight forward.

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