Awareness Life Experience Stages

Awareness Life Experience Stages

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What awareness and life experience

Awareness in life experience

Awareness life experience looks at the stages you go through when you realise that some part of our map of reality comes to realisation of the process of useful changes taking place in your live. This happens when the previous unconscious elements of the internal map become aware. This begins an evolution of change where patterns of behaviour and thought that do not serve you will end. It is only by pushing up to the thresh hold that new patterns of behaviour that serve you will emerge hence creating a new awareness life experience in coping with challenges.

Stages of awareness life experience


Unrest will emerge from within you as you begin to notice the awareness life experience, this is because your body is used to old ways of behaviour and introducing new ones will cause resistance. The unconscious mind resists any new ides because it is there to protect you. So any new ideas will be rejected for your own good as the programme is not set to that thresh hold management. Remember, the old ways are regarded safe and therefore not easy for your mind to let go and hence encounter awareness life experience to its fullest potential.


Awareness life experience will trigger the mind map to be pushed to limits it can not handle (new thresh hold). This is good as the possibility of reaching new levels of coping with external stimuli rises. But the mind does not understand that and therefore fights for your survival and therefore the confusion. Emotions become intense and the old way of doing or seeing things simply does not work. As you notice that the old way of doing things can not maintain inner balance and therefore changes become possible. The inner guidance through the awareness life experience stages is crucial and attachment to all things should be lost to enable an easier transformation.

Meditation will help you start the process of the awareness life experience as it will push the thresh hold of the mind in order to create a new map. You have to acknowledge the current ways of seeing or recognizing things are not helping in order to seek help. Find out more about us here

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