Dungeons of a Mindless Abyss (Original Poem)

Dungeons of a Mindless Abyss (Original Poem)

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Written by @Linzo


A chasm confined within boundaries of `education’

The depth of which only the fences of curiosity can touch

Untamed by the masters of fallacy

Using an invisible wand of compliance


Chains tied on strings of imagination

To guard a founded status quo

Built on fear of losing the unattainable

As the universe enjoys the game of chess


Hitherto a drunkard mix of pieces

In an intoxicated search of hierarchy

A natural order – ant colony in tow

Outcast, a cost for not playing ball


Time, playing a fiddler’s pipe

Streaming and trimming egos galore

As the illusion of power awakens us all

From the dungeons of a mindless abyss

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A  mysterious void of sorts




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