How can we live in pure beingness?

How can we live in pure beingness?

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River of beingness

Find wonder and peace in beingness

Beingness is a state of living in the moment, the now state (no future or past but just the present).  The only state that is peaceful because the past is gone and living in it does not change it. The future is unknown so worrying about it is fruitless. So the only state you are fully aware of is now, not tomorrow or yesterday but NOW.  This state brings into Your natural state that is happiness and contentment.  In other words, if you are not happy or content, you have diverted away from your natural state of beingness.

So how can we live in beingness?

Well as mentioned above, beingness is your natural state that you have lost through living in the past or future states. These states have then created “voids” that need constant feeling with things, people or certain emotions. If you find yourself constantly wanting; it is a void, a bottomless hole that can never be filled.  I know because I used to be into wanting which created the need to spend money I did not have in order to feel emotions or “make” people like me. If you are in beingness you will be peaceful no matter what. No new trend will tantalise your senses because you have it already in that state from a place of gratitude. So allow yourself to just be either by meditating or letting go in order to be in beingness.

Pitfalls to beingness

The biggest enemy that takes you away from beingness is the EGO (Edging God Out). As you notice the ego will destroy anything in its way except itself.  An example of the ego is mind chatter, in your mind something/someone is constantly saying things like, you are not good enough, pretty enough, fit enough…. You listen to that chatter, your life will take on a copy cat mode; after all if you are not pretty enough copy someone who is. Normally these are unhappy people like movie stars elevated by your minds through the media. What do some of these people do?  They go for drugs, surgery, sex, alcohol… to  escape their suppressed emotions. You then copy their behaviour because those are your role models. Do not listen to the mind chatter/ego it takes you out of beingness. YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Being in beingness has accelerated my growth, the shear contentment and peace can not be bought. You are constantly in love, it does not matter what is; you will just love it and in that state you discover that a lot of the challenges are for you not against you. I intend to dig deeper in this subject and on the way help others. If you want my lead visit, for a free ebook that will accelerate your growth.

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