How to Access the Teacher within

How to Access the Teacher within

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We all have intuitive abilities we never tap into, but have you ever imagined how different life can be if you just learned to listen to the teacher within? We have all experienced a scenario where you thought of something and it happens seconds or even days later. This is not a coincidence but because it is so out of our comfort zone- we dismiss it as so. The gut instincts can sometimes keep coming and the validation that they come from truth is in the manifestations that keep happening. We are not internally numb but external influences do determine our responses rather than the teacher within. How can you get more in tune with these insights?

Learn to let go

You are probably wondering what you need to let go of; well everything you think you know up until now. Because your teacher within starts with a blank canvas. Sometimes you are so closed for guidance to come through. As it was put, “If it is not happening, you are probably trying too hard.” Let go and become child like by looking in amazement ready to soak up every learning experience that comes your way. Try not to judge the experiences after all they are just that. Remember the teacher within wants to come out and you just have to let him/her.

Educate yourself

There are many materials on spirituality, Deepak Chopra being one of the best authors in this field of accessing the teacher within. Read some of his material like the book ‘How to Know God’, it is full of insights. You may have also realise that most authentic abundance courses will include this side of spirituality. If you read the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill- you will notice the counsel he refers to in manifesting wealth is spiritual. You have it but we have lost the power to access it. The teacher within is specific to your needs and will provide guidance in everything you do.

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Access the teacher within

The urgency of accessing the teacher within.

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