Is the Alchemical mix of Love Found in Grace and Humility?

Is the Alchemical mix of Love Found in Grace and Humility?

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What is love?

We have all been given an idea of what love is or even what it looks like. But have we experienced it from our own point of view?

I have learnt over the years that nothing teaches like experience. Anything experienced is something you can truly own – it is yours. In a metaphoric way, love is tangible in these terms.

Something that you can almost touch! In experiencing love, we can learn to truly touch people rather than hold them.

Our own level of experience is mostly limited to the conditioning that has tethered us to the same post that reads. CONFORMITY!

# Conformity, like a herd of sheep

But how can we conform to something like love? I wrote an article that was titled “Love has different colours”.

Meaning, like on the electromagnetic septum, we would not appreciate all the colours without looking at the whole septum.

In this, `Conformity’ can be viewed as a vibration of love given where the person wants to go. For how do you recognise freedom without its opposite?

I was `lucky’ enough to grow up in a very tight culture where Love was perceived as something that men were privileged at choosing but not women. Having been the youngest in the family, I saw how the limited choices of women sometimes made them co-dependent in almost a way of exchanging their virtual.

That made me think about the concept of love a lot. I decided to close up as a child earlier on, I didn’t want anything to do with this kind of love. But that kind of closing up set its own traps along the way.


So the conditioning kept playing its part but only to the extent I let it. But I didn’t know that was the case at the time. Until I started feeling the way I was pushing masculine energy away. A counterproductive exercise, we all know by now that we can’t tap into our feminine side without the masculine. It is all about balance!

Over the years, through a lot of mistakes and meditation. I have learnt that on a mass consciousness level, most of us have no idea what love is.

# Mass Consciousness


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I have felt different levels of love, from pure sadness to elation. But to get to this point, one thing I have always prayed for was Grace and Humility.

I was always attracted to those who walked this earth with grace and humility. It seemed to me that once you had a touch of that combination; your heart opened up to a multitude of possibilities.

I therefore urge anyone who may want to experience the different vibrations of love, to open up to grace and humility. For without them, the ego is too over powering for us to receive.

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