The Art of Inspired Action from the Soul

The Art of Inspired Action from the Soul

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Inspired Soul Action

The soul is the centre of all functioning in our lives. Many of us have never understood the soul and therefore do not work from its values; this is denying who you really are. Many of our ancestors had rituals performed habitually like meditation to get to this very important part of self. In today’s society, a lot of us have been brought up with no such grounding and there fore switch to TV, magazines and other forms of media for entertainment and answers. There is no individual thinking and we are becoming a world of sponges with no initiative to solve our own challenges.  We are frustrated by what we see but fail to take responsibility and go back to our soul values

So how can we work from the soul often?

Meditation: There are a lot of ways to meditate from different cultures all over the world. They are all targeted to getting to your soul values. Meditation gets you to a heightened state of self if done in a correct manner; however it is a technique that the masters have made their own in its complexity. For those who have never meditated, I would suggest that you start with an audio copy and progress to more complex techniques that have the same end result to discovering your soul.

Get quiet; getting quiet can be the difference between personal space for the soul and none. This may not apply to physical personal space but getting your mental quiet space is very essential. Many of you may know; that this is quite difficult because of the constant mind chatter. Mind chatter is a stream of partial thoughts; these will inhibit silence of the mind. The issue here is not to try to stop them but to work with them because they are a branch form a bigger tree. Keeping with the tree example, image cutting the branches of an infected tree without cutting the roots; it is pointless. The same applies to mind chatter, keep with it and stay quiet (try and do a few sessions around nature). This is absolute nourishment of the soul.

Getting inspiration from the soul can be really difficult for those who have never been quiet. If you have a pending issue, keeping quiet for a few days may mean the difference between a solution and disorder. Find out more here

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