The Full Expression of Life In Love

The Full Expression of Life In Love

Life in love

Importance of life in love

What is love? You have all sorts of diluted meanings of the word. For example affection, yes it can mean affection but it does not come close to the true meaning of the word. Infact I can not find words to explain the meaning of the word without doing it some injustice. The best scenario I can refer to is Christ like love which is purely non judgemental and is not based on feelings. It did not matter what you looked like or where you were from, Jesus just loved you. That is the closest to the full expression of life in love.

Can we all have an expression of life in love no matter what?

Yes! Your true nature is life in love but since you have lost it, you need to get conscious. You will find a lot of references to the word conscious such as being present, living in the moment, getting in touch with your higher self… In the end, it is all about getting in touch with the parts of you that you have lost due to environmental or childhood conditioning. You are love already; you are all those things you think are outside you. The reason you are seeking them is because you have lost them but they are already yours. Just decide to love everything and everybody no matter what and you will see your true expression begin to emerge in a life in love.

Consciousness in life in love

That’s sounds simple right! Love and consciousness go hand in hand, you can not do one without the other. I will be lying to you if I told you that everyone will get to the destination easily. You al have different levels of damage due to conditioning in the forms mentioned above. The more the conditioning in the negative way the harder it is to get back to your true natures. And even for those who find it easy must be ready to look at the process as peeling different layers of onions. Every time you take a layer, another appears until you get to the centre which can be viewed as LOVE. Once you meet the love centre, you then concentrate on being there for the rest of your life. You begin to experience life in love.

There are different ways to get to your love centre including meditation, exercise, the path of love, yoga, supper learning, theta healing…. If you are into discovery like me you find that it is a very expensive process but I certainly would not be here if I was not curious. I recommend the book The Biology of Believe by Bruce Lipton to get an idea of how this staff works. You can also go to for a free ebook on accessing happiness and an easy technique of meditation that will help in your life in love.

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