To My Love (Original Poem)

To My Love (Original Poem)

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Written by @linzo

Image credit: Pixabay

Your beauty is likened to an opening rose bud

Elegant, a symbol of love so encompassing

Yet unattainable, keeping its mysteries intact

Sweeping its wave of depth across open hearts


I am in owe of your beauty, like a bored child

I sit and wonder when I will hear your voice

With a dawn chorus, I am awakened

To the prison of my body, confined by a mortal frame


You put yourself out selflessly

So that we can all begin to shine our touches

Touches that have been denied batteries

A choice made to seal the illusion


Your magic tricks can only be revealed

Through a trail of pain and passion

Expression in tears, enough to fill a river

Tributaries only to tame flow


You teasingly call in now and again

Making love in oscillating waves

Respecting universal rhythmic patterns

For what goes up comes down

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