You Are That Which You Are Seeking!

You Are That Which You Are Seeking!

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How to seek yourself

Seeking yourself

You spend your live seeking some thing, wealth, happiness, spiritual connection, good relationships and much more. But what if you began to understand and over-stand that the reason you are seeking is because you already are that which you are seeking? I know depending on the level of growth you are, this may sound insane. But yes you have special untapped powers you have sidelined. If you read the book `Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill he wrote about the powers you have once you select a particular thought pattern and follow through with the  intended action. Remember what you see around you is what your thoughts have been working upon. Remember you see things not as they are but how you are.

In the book `The Science of Getting Rich’ by Wallace .D. Little, he keeps emphasises in each chapter how there is a thinking stuff (the universe) through which all things are made. A thought that is put in that thinking stuff with a certain energy and action will manifest. I have listened to this book so many times and I keep being blown away by the concept that you have it all. The potential to be yourself and stop seeking in recognition that you have it all will aid your power.

Once I came to understand that I am that I am seeking, I realised that the outside influences did not do me any good. The news is generally very depressing and generally a mass control mechanism, by scaring us into believing it is all negative. Once you refuse to belief what is portrayed and decide to control your own destiny, you are on the way. Just think for a moment, have you heard of a news paper owner who is poor? No they are all rich; they make you belief the opposite of their lives. The trouble is good news will not sell as you are programmed to seek negative input.

Most people who know how to tap into their own power have still minds. To have still minds, you have to use some spiritual practices like prayer, meditation, yoga and many more. This is what the yogis teach about in the power of silence. To find out more about our products click here

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