3 Sabotaging Ways Negative Emotions Are Dealt With

3 Sabotaging Ways Negative Emotions Are Dealt With

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Insanity of your choices

What your choices have to show of your negative emotions

Negative emotions are dealt with differently by everyone; your unique childhood conditioning enables or disables your ability to deal with challenges. These emotions include, fear, anger, guilt, hatred, greed, frustration, cravings and others. You exhibit them in many ways which you may not be even aware of. When you realise you have any of the above and decide to work on yourself, then the denial stage ends and the acceptance healing stage commences. The down side is most people spend most of their life in the denial stage dealing with negative emotions in the following ways.


This is one of the commonest ways of dealing with negative emotions. Whatever emotion tries to surface you turn inward in your subconscious mind. These build up over time and soon start affecting every aspect of your life; from private life to public life there is no escaping suppressed emotions. People with them will normally lack confidence, be introverted or simply not be present in any way. The suppressed emotions affect your relations, career opportunities and other areas you may wish to succeed. Suppressed negative emotions may lead to more serious conditions like Depression.


Escapism is a very common way of dealing with negative emotions especially for the rich. When you have everything the world says should make you happy, only to find out that money and material things do not make you happy, you are struck by confusion. This can be a lonely stage because people do not want to be judged; so they resort to self-destruction through various means including, drugs, alcohol, excessive working, sex, shopping, suicide and many more. The trouble is, the escape is very short-lived and exacerbates the situation. You have heard of a lot of famous people who have gone or are going down this road. Please avoid being in denial, there is help out there; escaping negative emotions this way can lead to death.


People who express their negative emotions can be very intimidating; they are usually verbally loud, prone to physically attacking others and easily offended. While it may not be their fault and they may only know one way of dealing with situations. Physical violence cannot be accepted just as verbal abuse. In relationships, these people find that dealing with emotions in intimidating ways make their partners submissive and hence enhance their powerful. If you are on the receiving end of this abuse, you must seek help as it can often escalate leading to major injury. Dealing with negative emotions through verbal or physical expression is not uncommon.

In order to start aiding these negative emotions to leave your body, you need to get rid of them. There numerous ways of ridding yourself of them including yoga, exercise, NLP, meditation and more.  Find out more about our services here

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