Becoming Aware of Your Inner work

Becoming Aware of Your Inner work

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Inner work and consciousness

How inner work can lead to consciousness.

Inside us are the feelings, emotions and conditioning that motivates us to behave, act the way we do and hence the results we get. When we search inside and become aware of who we are, however uncomfortable that may be; we are on the journey to self awareness, happiness and truth. Remember we have so many outside influences pointing us to the “norm”.  But everyone is unique full of creative potential that only comes with doing the inner work or looking within. This is the time you face yourself in truth and honesty with no outside influences and attachment to results.

How to start your inner work:

If you are unhappy about your life at the moment, it is a good sign that there is work to be done or if your description of happiness is living other people’s lives then you need to do the inner work.

I have invested a lot of money indifferent avenues but no results were apparent until I discovered, it was about me, the vibration, the environment and my childhood conditioning. It was not my fault and neither is it yours that you are or may be stuck. But once you are honest with yourself and acknowledge that inner work has to be done then the journey begins.

There numerous tools on the market to help with reconditioning yourself by doing the inner work. Most people would have tried something at this point in time but it can be a very expensive process of trial and error. I have found that through poetry, music and other arts, you can learn to focus and hence burn the mind output that keeps you in the same cycle.

We are always running away from ourselves looking on the outside rather than on the inside. Inner work will start the moment you meet yourself and admit you are stuck or indeed need help.

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