5 Proven Ways of Digging the Garbage out of your subconscious mind

5 Proven Ways of Digging the Garbage out of your subconscious mind

Subconscious mind work

Do the work on your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind has the power to keep you on automatic. The word ‘subconscious’ means it is below your conscious awareness therefore you do not know or have control of what happens there. When I found out this truth, I was so angry; all the misery I was leaving had nothing to do with my doing, well at least at a conscious level. But I also discovered I can slowly dig up the garbage and finally get clear. So I made that my life’s goal to just dig until I am clear. And you can also dig the subconscious mind clear of the automatic garbage.


The concept behind meditation is that it allows you to reach parts of the brain you can not reach normally (consciously). I started with Holosync meditation by Centre Pointe and after three months of using it I noticed I was much calmer and less automatic. I continued using it but the results were not quick enough as I was still bothered by what people thought of me and I was internally very anxious. Because this is recorded sound tracks, you only use them in the evenings or early mornings. I needed something to keep me in a meditative state 24/7. The recordings work brilliantly and their power on the subconscious mind was further emphasised further when I used ‘Meditations of a Watcher’. This is a 24 hour meditation technique that works in a natural way.

Theta healing

This is a very exciting tool in the way it digs out the garbage in the subconscious mind. It works by testing what your beliefs are on certain subjects like money. Muscle testing is done to gauge how you respond to external stimuli. Your muscles will react strongly to the beliefs that are true to you. For example the practitioner will ask,” Do you have to be poor to be close to God”. If that belief is true to you, your hand will go strong. He/she will then ask for your permission to remove the belief. This is done brilliantly by a guy called Brent Phillips who has the most interesting story on how the universe works to get you on your path. If you want to try this method to dig up the subconscious mind, look for theta healing LA.

Reconnective Healing

This is a healing modality that does other things as well as dig up the subconscious mind. From what I understand, it aligns you to what your truth should be. It was started by a doctor Called Eric Pearl who has an interesting story of his own. He explains the concept of letting go completely of your beliefs in order to let God work within us. The best way for you to get an idea of this is by reading a book called ‘The Reconnection’ written by him. Because this is a healing modality I have experienced only in two hours workshop where someone healed a deformed finger; its best to use it as a tool for digging up the subconscious mind when you have been to a live event.

The release technique

It works on the concept of letting go of what is in your subconscious mind. It is a meditative principle that allows you to pay attention to the effects of your conditioning. In it, it is explained that the mind is creative and getting quiet gets you the fastest results to whatever you are trying to achieve. If you have attachments or aversions to anything you are constantly pushing away feelings or pulling them in. That way you are constantly bound to what the subconscious mind is throwing at you. In being in ‘release’ you let go of these feelings immediately as you notice or feel them. This is done by a guy called Larry Crane who has lots of ways of tricking the subconscious mind.

Exercise and nutrition

There is a lot of noise about how you can influence your subconscious mind by looking after yourself nutritionally and physically. There are scientific facts to back this, for example, if you carry fat, it affects your brain function. Your brain works with your mind to run the show in your life. Exercise and nutrition are easy and available in your daily choices. By making simple choices like walking a mile and eating right, you can find balance. Do not go over board, too much too fast and you are back to your old ways. Just repeat a habit daily or weekly such as walking, swimming, football, yoga…. until you brain and body get it, making it automatic. Using exercise and nutrition to dig the subconscious mind is exciting and easy if you let yourself go.

Digging the subconscious mind can be a challenging task, and with so many different ways to do it on the market you are spoilt for choice. I encourage you to find your own truth, deep down within, you know the answers you are looking for. The fact that you are looking outside yourself defeats the purpose. As I wrote previously, if you are not seeing results in your life, you are trying too hard. If you just stop and listened deeply, the answers are always right here with you.

Because you are too busy trying too hard, you do not see them. If it is not easy, listen to your heart, the heart always knows. If you are going to use any of the methods above, listen to your heart because you can end up spending a lot of money. I do this because it is my passion to help you find easy fast ways to dig up the subconscious mind.  I have used many more rubbish methods where people are just after your money.  The ones I have written about seemed to work and come out on top; the people selling them seem to come from love and understanding not luck and haste. This is where the emphasis to follow your heart in making any choices becomes crucial. I have written a free ebook here ‘Is happiness a choice? that can help you navigate this self help maze with awareness.

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