Do you Know the Ingredients That Make Life What It Is?

Do you Know the Ingredients That Make Life What It Is?

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Happiness and health in life ingredients

The word ingredient is famously used to refer to food. Because for anything to turn out, an experiment on different mixtures is done to ensure the components work to create a good test from the mixture. Without the different components, pasta bake or any curry will not be the same. The same applies to life; to experience the fullness of life, you have to take the good, the ugly and the challenging in the same mix in to make it work. They are the ingredients of Life that simplify make it what it is.

So what are these ingredients of life?

In cooking you refer to ingredients such as chilli as hot and therefore should be handled with care unless your test buds are experienced. The same aspect refers to life’s challenges, they are there for you; handle them with consciousness and be at peace. On the other hand, handle them with fear and you are all over the place. In other words, when you take responsibility of where you are, life sails. After all like the chilli, you had some choice in whatever you are experiencing. But you deny it at the point of discomfort. Just choose different ingredients each time you have learnt from the previous ones.

Use your experiences as tools of learning

The first time you eat chilli as an ingredient in food, it is severely uncomfortable and you run for water. That experience teaches you that water does not sooth the heat and go easy on chilli. Then you will be told by people who have experienced the heat and managed to cool it down that milk works better than water. When it happens next time, you are well equipped but most likely it will not happen as you are already aware of the repercussions. Same for life, learn from the ingredients that are not working. Surround yourself with people who have experienced the same challenges as you are now experiencing in order to get sound help and support.

Ingredients of life is a chosen metaphor because you accept your experiences in what comes out of food components but not that of your life. It is all about taking responsibility, if you do not like the mixture, bin it and start again. You do not instead stare at the mixture or the bin and feel sorry for yourself? You simply get on with it! Take the same attitude with life and you will sail through! Visit us here for a free ebook that will help you accelerate your growth in the subject of beingness and happiness.

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