Heightened Awareness of Thought Patterns

Heightened Awareness of Thought Patterns

Thought patterns can hinder you

Your thought patterns are you path to resistance.

Thought patterns normally produce our emotions that lead to our actions; if you do not like the results you have in life today, change your thoughts. I understand that those words are hollow if you have tried changing the way you think to no avail. The reason it is not working is because you are using your conscious mind to make these changes. The powerful programming that needs to change first is in the subconscious mind. The communication from the subconscious mind influences the conscious mind. Therefore to change your thought patterns, the subconscious mind has to be reprogrammed, will power alone will not work.

Easy ways of changing thought patterns

There is no hard rule on this but if you are like me, desperate to get on a different page, you will try anything that does not harm you. Healthy living, especially regular exercise and good food choices are always a good start. Scientific research shows that the more body fat you have the less blood flows to your brain hence hampering your thought patterns. Exercise can be daunting but if you choose fan activities that do not make it look like a chore, it will become less traumatic. If you have children, go to the park and run around with them, there will not be too much resistance in the brain as this is generally a much unplanned activity.  As for food, just do not buy the fatty choices and the temptation will not be there because you have not got the foods in your cupboard.

Subconscious reprogramming.

Try one of the subconscious reprogramming tools on the market.  There are a variety of these tools ranges from NLP, Hypnosis, meditation, yoga, healing codes to tapping.  At the beginning you will find that you are overwhelmed by it all, but do not despair as your programming took years and hence give yourself time to heal. Different tools work for different people and therefore I can not recommend those that I have not tried personally. I started with meditation and still meditating.

However it can be a very expensive process for beginners. I realized that it is up to individuals to take their growth seriously, not the products. Hence the simplicity of our material here.

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