The Power of Taking Ownership for the Challenges in Your Life

The Power of Taking Ownership for the Challenges in Your Life

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Taking ownership for the challenges in your life is the first step in the healing or recovery process. If you do not own the challenge, you become a victim who is at the mercy of outside influences. Since you have to wait for those influences to heal you: you are powerless! They never offer any mercy! On the other hand, personal responsibility empowers you in a way that you can just choose to change the situation. The situation may still be there but your perception of it may have changed drastically in taking ownership.

So how can you take ownership of your challenges?

Taking ownership has never been easy; however it gets easier depending on the level of spiritual growth you at. You have the conscious mind that you can manipulate but it sadly only controls only between 10%-20% of your life. The rest is controlled by the subconscious mind which is very powerful and hence influences the conscious mind. A good example will be, at this time of the year (January); people have New Year’s resolutions about health. They normally fall at the first huddle simply because they are using the conscious mind which is influenced by a powerful boss who says ‘NO’ to exercise, dieting, fruit or vegetables. The subconscious mind takes away your ownership here but its intentions are pure as it is there to protect you.

So the best and fastest way to take your ownership back is to reprogram the subconscious mind to work with you and not against you. You have t go deep within you to find out where in you caused that  experience that you do not want to be apart of. The beauty is that you always get answers as these feelings want to leave; but we bottle them constantly and eventually cause ourselves disease, heart ache and luck of abundance By taking ownership and letting go, you are on the way to a quick recovery.

When you take ownership, you bring out raw emotions and get face to face with yourself. This enables healing to commerce in a loving and accepting manner. It enables you to let go and let God! To simply get out of the way and loose attachments to all these feelings that cause constant suffering. To help on the journey of ownership, visit for a free ebook.

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