Is Perception Really Projection?

Is Perception Really Projection?

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perception and projection

Why is perception seen as projection?

If you are anything like I used to be the statement perception is projection will spark a lot of emotions: Most of them will be obviously denial or stubbornness. I have come to understand that life is here to serve me rather than put constant obstacles in my way. The way I see events /situations will determine what manifests/ unfolds in my life. Change the way you see things and everything changes because we see the world in our own eyes. If you have a limited view, your experiences will be limited hence affirming the saying ‘Perception is Projection’.

How can we change our perception to attract the experiences we want in our lives?

Face Fear:

The abbreviation of fear is, False Evidence Appearing Real. I was brought up in an environment where fear was the norm. It literally ruled my life, I was terrified of failing and you guessed it I continually saw failure. If you search inside you, you will find that whatever you are scared of will not actually kill you so use common sense and ask yourself what the worst that can happen is. If you learn to surrender or leave in the moment and not look so far down the road, life becomes a breath of fresh air. Whatever comes your way: you simply let it be OK and hence a worry free life. You take charge of how you feel and your perception will completely change.

Develop awareness:

This will change your perception in that you will see events at a neutral point. You will be less judgmental, develop consciousness, compassion and love to the level of people like Mother Theresa. There are different ways of developing awareness for example Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), practicing meditation, practicing positive teaching and many more others on the market. Some of them will work for some and not others; I encourage you to find what works for you as the results are well worth the hard work. I personally started with meditation and have found that discussion groups of people at different levels of development help. Because the Gurus do not give away knowledge without substantial charges, in discussions you   at least get to hear independent referrals in case you get to use these programmes.

Do not worry what others think of you:

Easier said than done! Oh yap! I used to worry what others thought of me. My mind chatter used to tell me that they were thinking about how ugly I was, silly unfit. Name it I thought it, I remember how I used to admire people for their achievements so much that I went to college and did engineering that I did not enjoy. Yes I have the qualifications but no I do not want to practice at all. What a waste! For every one out there about to do something similar, please pause and think: do I enjoy it, would I be willing to go further to serve in the field, is it in alignment with my values. If the answer is yes then consider it but do not waste your years doing staff you do not enjoy. You can see how my limited perception led me to doing things I hadn’t intended.

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