Unleashing Long Term Changes From within

Unleashing Long Term Changes From within

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Long term changes

The advantage of long term changes.

We all have within us the power to change our reality. But we can not change the external world without changing the inside first. The two have to agree with each other in order for quick effective changes to take hold. Have you ever spoken to someone who said something yet their body language said the opposite? It is the same with trying to change our reality without changing the inside. There has to be congruent actions, thoughts and body language in you to enable the changes.

Have you ever had a vision board that you looked at everyday: yet when you turned away you start worrying about the things you are trying to achieve on the vision board? In this case you want to manifest the things on the board but do not expect to manifest them as your faith weavers at the thought of the up coming bill. You are not congruent!

I have recently noticed that much of my unhappiness came because I did things to amuse other people at my expense. This was wired into me by well intention-ed adults who brought me up to be a “good citizen”. I was very unhappy as I used most of my time doing things I hated: I had to get a degree to get a good job, get married and live happily ever after. These things were not in alignment with who I am and certainly caused me misery. The moment I understood the principles of life and the laws of the universe; I found purpose and fulfillment in helping others in different ways.

I personally found meditation the fastest way to changes from within; it creates a blissful sense of peace, joy, grace and contentment. Some times I find my heart full of joy for no reason; I want to celebrate life with gratitude and awe. There other ways like hypnosis that could get you to the same result but takes longer. If you are like me, very experimental and inquisitive then the world is your oyster. The only set back is that it can get very dear to experiment.

I have found out that it is never the product that changes the person but a student who is ready. Find out more about our products here.

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