Have We Got To Walk Through Broken Glass To Reach Our Destiny

Have We Got To Walk Through Broken Glass To Reach Our Destiny

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A walk in broken glass is a walk to your destiny

To walk in broken glass is to your own path.

May be not, the answer is not linear, yes the an allergy of broken glass suggests pain along the way: but this can be an illusion. Do you remember the previous articles I have written about perception is projection? Well that will suggest that different people will have different definitions of what painful experiences are depending on their level of growth and development.  Experienced cooks get burnt less than those with less experience. Their tolerance to heat has been helped by experience and therefore do not get bothered by what new cooks will be screaming at. It is that experience that has nurtured them to the expertise.

How can we allow ourselves to grow and benefit from painful experiences?

Remember that you are loved

The universe/God/love will never allow suffering for nothing; when we acknowledge that we are loved and cared for, we begin to learn and become peaceful about our painful past and present. It is difficult to understand this love in the middle of a major challenge because we become consumed by what is not happening. If you look at your life carefully you will find that the best skills you have been learnt through the most painful experiences. It is the best school you will ever attend because should you not learn the first, second or third time, the lessons will be repeated until you get it. Never quit and go on the self destructive path, the journey may take you a life time.

Listen to wisdom and council

It is rare to find wisdom and council in our time; but we have the most advanced free systems and media outlets to help us learn. There are people who have been there before and modelling them always takes the least painful route. Imagine pouring water anywhere, it will take the least path of resistance, using that model will compel you to faster results. You do not have to reinvent the wheel. I used to be closed to anything I did not know and I did that for years expecting different results. Well that was insanity (doing the same thing and expecting different results), until last year I discovered another way through meditation, reading and listening to a wealth of knowledge. Well my circumstances have not changed but my perception has and therefore I take the view that I am at cause. This has enabled to put the work into research in order to improve my life rather than stay on the victim side I used to be on before waiting for things to happen. This has also resulted in the passion to help others through these articles and other materials I provide and will continue to provide.

We have all walked on broken glass before and we will continue to do so if we have to grow and develop. It is our perceptions to the pain that have to change. I document my journey of how I changed my perception here.

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