How to Adapt Consciousness in Society

How to Adapt Consciousness in Society

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Consciousness is a state of wakefulness that enhances a neutral interaction between the mind and the world. You understand that everything is just is and that you can choose who you want to be in relationship to what you see. You understand that we are all one and separation is the root cause of misery our planet. You love yourself for who you are and choose to create abetter view of the world. Many teachers seek to teach this concept but I feel a lot is lost in translation as we gear towards personal interests. Consciousness is neutral.

Can we adapt a society full of consciousness?

Yes we can but everyone has to be willing to drop what they know; after all, look where it has got us to this day. Consciousness is not an individual journey, there fore we must all seek collective consciousness in any way we can. We have to start in our families by implementing what we feel is love. However if your actions are not motivated by love then personal development is the way to start you off. Continuous growth should be everyone’s goal in order for the world to become a better place. To be ethical is to be conscious! If you think a starving child in Ethiopia has nothing to do with you; you are wrong because we are all one hence their suffering is yours indirect as it may be.

You can improve consciousness by seeking to become more aware of general surroundings. A lot of us especially in the west have never talked to our next door neighbours. Seek to educate yourself about what is important to you, especially if it helps others. Do what you have always wanted to do because to deny yourself is to deny the rest of us. Experience your true self to the core of your being. I know this is not easy in today’s society; there are tools to help you. Research all the consciousness tools you can get your hands on. Seek to improve your perception daily. Because if you improve your perception, the whole world changes.

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