Opening Up to Contentment

Opening Up to Contentment

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self contentment

Self contentment

We are programmed to keep seeking for something bigger or better. But what if you were told that everything you ever needed is already there and all you need to do is tap into it. That will sound mad to most of us because we are simply not content.  The conditioning to keep searching enriches companies, industries and individuals. The constant feeling that we are not enough makes us go to all lengths to achieve wealth, health and spirituality. But can we give up all we know up to now in openness to the idea that we are enough? Searching distracts us from who we are in pursuit of something perceived to be more.

To begin the journey of awareness in contentment, one has to come to understand what they are in pursuit of and why they are in search for that particular thing. Ask yourself if it will ever be enough? Chances are that the sooner you achieve it; you are in pursuit of something else. However, if you stop searching in contentment of who you are, releasing all attachment to result and trusting the universe to work in your favour in good time; you will get there sooner. I know it is hard and I know most of us do not know any better but to keep seeking/searching.

If you want to experience the idea of you being enough and content, you have to be open to being wrong about certain things you know. This is not easy and naturally our defenses will resist any ideas our conditioning does not know. Start with a spiritual practice that will make your mind still over time. This will help you have less attachment to result and hence break down the barriers of conditioning. I recommend a reading of my book about  meditation here

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