The Root Causes of Any Abnormalities in your Bodies

The Root Causes of Any Abnormalities in your Bodies

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Main causes of abnormalities

Cause of abnormalities

There all sorts of abnormalities in your body ranging from physical to emotional. But all these are symptoms of something deeper; the manifestation of these body challenges depends on the intensity of the root cause. For example you have seen people who have the same body challenges which one may survive and the other may not. One’s immunity may be stronger but it largely depends on the strength of the causes. You may feel at this point that you have no control over the internal causes of the abnormalities in your body. But do you?

Most of these causes are buried within the subconscious mind (the word subconscious means we do not know it is there). This means you are simply suffering with no knowledge of your part in creation of the suffering. Because you have no control, you tend to take the choices that make your body even more vulnerable. For example bad diets, lack of exercises, drinking, drugs will make you sicker; yet you feel you cannot do without them. However if you are open and begin to understand the different ways you can reach the subconscious mind, you can stop this suffering.

What is in your system that is causing the abnormalities are negative emotions, dis-ease turns into disease. What is common to all is that ongoing stress causes some disorders most common of all being depression. I have met so many people who have not contracted HIV as babies or adults despite the fact they were exposed. Why? Their bodies are immune because the underlying subconscious messages are more powerful than the virus. But that’s not all; you tend to age faster as these emotional challenges are very hard work for the brain and your body to handle.

There all sorts of things on the market to reach the subconscious mind in order to improve your life. But at the start, it is always very confusing and expensive. I recommend you start with educating yourself about the mind, find out what your mind map is and what your subconscious mind is telling you. If you want to try a tasted way of meditation as a subconscious reprogramming method. Try reading a free ebook `Is happiness a choice?’ which will show you the map to your mind.

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