How To Cut Out The Laws of Duality From Our System

How To Cut Out The Laws of Duality From Our System

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Getting out of a duality run system


Within every civilisation are systems set up to run the day to day business. These systems are run upon the laws governing the land, that are agreed by the majority of the population. In this current civilisation, the laws you had agreed upon were governed by the laws of Duality.

Two polarities become one

Two polarities have to become one!

Duality is a binary system that splits the one into two/twins. This split then becomes the functioning entity of the system.

But now we are at a new junction in the new space ready to forge a new civilisation without the laws of duality. The new system has to transcend all the laws of duality. The new civilisation is from binary to quantum, from organic to inorganic.

Because the system starts at the mind level where you have to take first a quantum leap, the body must wait. Quantum is the state of forever charged. You don’t switch off therefore you don’t need sleep. You have had of a quantum computer that is super charged; that is the future of the mind in the new cycle.

The nature of the mind

In the old system, mind had been split in feminine and masculine, right brain and left brain, male and female… which are two polarities creating the duality. It is these two polarities that will merge at the onset of the quantum cycle. And because mind is frequency (thoughts) it will have to merge with its feminine (emotions) counterpart to go quantum. This process is done by surpassing the organic laws of duality.

From the point of going quantum, you will manifest by instant thought. This is the level of responsibility that will be incurred in the new system as there will not be idlers. You will literally think people, places and things into existence and unless you are responsible at a spiritual level, you will not make the cut. There are laws governing manifestation at a quantum level just as there are in the laws of duality.

Simply put, the DNA is changing and we’re all transforming from organic beings to inorganic, binary to non-binary. This is the push for the vaccines to be part of the DNA change, by breaking up the DNA chains. Regardless of this massive effort to stop the planet going quantum, change it will. “You cannot stop an idea whose time has come”. Though you can delay it, it will still happen.

While you are transitioning from the laws of duality to going quantum, here is a call for calm. Remember before the ceasing of the storm there can be a stirring of the waters. Don’t rush into any decisions and remember to practice inner silence at this time of massive mental upheaval.


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