In the Piercing Innocence of a Child

In the Piercing Innocence of a Child

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Innocence is a path to oneself

Innocence is bliss

How we have taken innocence and flung it in lions’ jaws.

In innocence children are down trodden by pretentious adults who eventually dissolve their purity to fit the status quo. Born with all existential abilities, a child only needs guidance on how to live here not indoctrination. But with the love, care, patience of parents and family comes a toxic mix of all their greed, jealous, desires… to feed the innocence of the child. Not my fault is every parents answer but if you are honest enough you will see how you have been causing harm to the child. How? One may ask.

Living your unfulfilled dreams in the innocence of the child is a common mistake almost every parent makes. Those college degrees you never acquired come to haunt your child in a constant nightmare even Halloween night can’t begin to mimic. The professional ladder you never climbed will become the unrelenting vision the parent projects into the child’s eyes. Fight as they may children’s innocence almost renders them powerless against the forces that perceive themselves to be the givers of wisdom.

Institutionalised innocence

Imprison the mind and take the innocence

institutionalizing innocence is another way we have managed to change the face of a child. Flinging babies and toddlers in building that look like prisons begins the child’s mindset. It is this mindset that is to grow into youth and eventually adulthood. Why then do we expect different results from a moving train that has been fed with chaff? Looking closely at those who escaped the indoctrination, one can only image the unfulfilled potential of others. For example, If Einstein’s parents insisted on him staying in the dry ugly history classes he resented with a passion, would we have had the honour of his genius? All children are born geniuses, what happens to them is repugnant!

What can we do?

Being a parent myself, my fingers type with despair. Deep within me is a screaming voice that says just uproot them from everything. Having read widely, I know that the education system doesn’t even come close to education. It prepares the child to acquire a slave mentality. For example, why is Newtonian physics not taught alongside Einstein’s physics. Wasn’t some of Einstein’s work discrediting or improving upon some of Newton’s? Why isn’t innocence given all the knowledge for it to decipher the conclusions? It is clear that even the Physics commonly used today in Tesla’s work isn’t in school curriculums. So what are our kids learning?

Meditation is a path to innocence

Meditation leads to innocence!

Having learnt that the workings of our society are against innocence, I have stepped back to let my children tell me what they want to learn. How they want to live, not how I envisioned them living. They eat when they are hungry and they sleep when they are tired. Naturally

, this means that there is less conflict in the house; I am not constantly imposing myself on them. Unfortunately I still haven’t figured a way out of the education system but I let them read widely. Hopefully that will keep the seed of innocence alive to give them the spring-board to discover themselves.
I came to this understanding not by my mind but through meditation. I advise every parent or career to take on meditation as it gives you a fresh perspective. Because meditation is essentially dropping the mind, your conditioning starts dropping (or at least you gain clarity) and hence you yourself gain your innocence back. You start seeing the world with fresh eyes. Come on in!

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