In the eyes of wonder: the secret magic of children

In the eyes of wonder: the secret magic of children

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Magic of wonder and innocence of a child
Its all in the wonder and the innocence of a child!

Why the Ghost of Jealousy haunts your children

There is a Ghost of Jealousy destroying bliss and wonder on this planet. Matching on every continent with heavy boots of war, uprooting the seeds of innocence and wonder. Is it not in wonder that the innocent blissful wind echo the winds of change? Why do the men of war preach peace yet devour the childlike wonder in every region? Why did Hitler use children in his experiments?

The magic wonder of children

Children have magic that an adult can only dream of. Because they are present in the moment of now, they manifest on impact. By creating war and disharmony in them, the Ghost of Jealousy uses their innocence to create war and disharmony on impact. This explains the mandatory indoctrination camps called schools that weave their deadly tentacles around children from a very young age. At school, innocence and wonder is forced into a restricted box of structural thinking. Now a child can’t chase a butterfly, they must have a reason why?

Death in reasoning

It is in reasoning that innocence and wonder starts to die. Rather than being free to create their experience on impact; children start to think first. In thinking first, their experience is brought outwards and whoever created this school model, starts to create from their inward innocent space – they are forced out of their own creative space. As a child grows up, more and more devices of war are used against their being (inward space). Soon the traces of innocence and wonder begin to fade as the strain of the war on their being begins to take its toll.

Loss of childhood

Knowing the root cause of the problem can help us create solutions. If you know the value of innocence and wonder in your child, you might think twice before handing them over to the Ghost of Jealousy. Why do you think child kidnap, paedophilia… is rampant? Why do you think children were used in Nazi experiments? Children have a creative force within them that the Nazis called; Vrill also commonly known as argon (from which the word orgasm comes). It is this creative force that the God of confusion uses to manifest wars, dis-ease…. If you think school is innocent, why are we forced to take our children to these schools? To steal their magic of innocence and wonder…

Taking power back

In this war against innocence and wonder, the foundation to manifest darker tones of war in children are manifest; depression is born. With more and more children manifesting the symptoms of depression and other related dis-eases, those that start the problem masquerade themselves as the solution. Yet, there was nothing wrong with the children in the first place, so why create a problem and later become the solution. This is the hand of the God of confusion from whom the Ghost of Jealousy was born.

Having experienced the Ghost of Jealousy first-hand, I have written about this subject in my book “Heart Takeaways” for anyone who wants to explore more.

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