Is Judgment Self Righteousness?

Is Judgment Self Righteousness?

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Judgment may not be what we have been taught.

Judgment is a way to escape ourselves!

How one can help from a non judgmental perspective.

We have all heard of judgment day, it casts a shadow of fear within us. Have we then become the righteous police in seeking perfection in others? Are we passing judgment on to others as a way of dealing with our insecurities?

As the day goes on I find myself looking and listening to the sounds around me; sounds of people demanding my help. But is it really that they are asking for help? Or is it that I am purely judging their situation as “bad” and therefore move in to help. Am I coming from a place of knowing or judgment?

Sitting by myself in the park; I realized that helping others was a judgment on my part. I had made it my business to help others without any internal counsel. Many people are walking through life from outside in, instead of inside out. Outward appearances can be deceiving as you do not really know why or how somebody came up with a choice you perceive “bad”. This is only your perception and the sooner you come to terms with the idea that perceptions and options are just how you see the world in your own window; the sooner you will perceive judgment for it is.

Can we help from a non judgmental perspective?
This is not a discouragement to help but an encouragement to look within to see what place your help is coming from. If it is coming from a place of non judgment and you are not expecting anything else in return, then go ahead and help while keeping your counsel in check at all times.

This is practically not easy without training in non judgment. To come from a perspective of non judgment is a form of self love. Love is the most important aspect of our lives, without it we are virtually living from without. However the subject of love is more complex than it is portrayed in today’s media. Love does not own, possess, attach, expect, or play the duality game. The training to love and stay neutral to situations is one we all need as we have forgotten our natural abilities to love.

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