The Myths about the Law of Attraction

The Myths about the Law of Attraction

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The idea behind the law of attraction is that thoughts are things; every thought manifests itself in reality. Why? Because like everything else thoughts are energy in motion; energy follows energy. If you can imagine yourself lighting a wheel burrow off the ground and then further apply more force for it to move forward. That force has given the wheel burrow momentum to move. Like our thoughts, they give birth to action hence manifestations. If you are not getting what you desire in your life; the energy behind your conscious and unconscious thoughts has to change. The law of attraction has had a lot of media interest lately and hence a lot of people have come to try their lack with it.

Why the law of attraction may not work for you

The unconscious mind; this is famously termed as the subconscious mind; it controls 80%-90% of our lives. It compromises of all the environmental and child hood conditioning. Therefore if you have tried as hard as you could and the law of attraction is still not working for you; it is your environmental and childhood conditioning. The task here is to come up with different methods or a method that can help you dig the garbage out the subconscious mind so that there is nothing stopping your power to manifest. This may take a lot of time, money and is often very frustrating as the market is very saturated with different products selling the law of attraction. Try as you might; without dealing with the subconscious mind you hit a wall time and time again so sort it.

Expectations; the law of attraction is very generous but I suggest that you start with your faith level. A lot of people will begin visualising things or situations which they themselves do not believe in. For example; if you are after one million bucks and you have been earning 10,000 bucks, your belief system may not have stretched that far yet. Give it time and I advise that you start with small things like manifesting a parking space. Turn up the thermostat slowly until you become a master at the skill. The important thing to remember is that you have to believe you can achieve whatever goal you visualise for the law of attraction to work.

I have experienced this at my own hands, after watching the movie the Secret; I got all excited with vision boards that never worked for a year. Until I started work on the subconscious mind, no manifestations were present even packing spaces. I have a free meditation track on the website to help you start work on the subconscious mind. I have also put an audio of the Science of Getting Rich to help you understand more how the law of attraction works. Visit for your free downloads

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