The Artistic Nature of Letting Go

The Artistic Nature of Letting Go

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Letting go

Importance of letting go!

What is letting go? And why is it so hard to do? Because you have to be passive, becoming a witness in all parts of your life; including, spiritual, health, wealth and relationships: It becomes a challenge. You are used to being in the mix of it all, participating in all sorts of actions and emotions. However, being a witness creates emotional intelligence where you are neutral on all events or action. When you get involved in influencing our thinking or others, you are interfering with what things should be bringing them to your perception. Letting go is the one way you will create peace and love.

But why can’t you let go?

You are so attached, why is letting go a chore? If you think about it, when you were in the womb there was no interference what so ever; whatever had to be was and hence the perfect you. At birth you experience the world in its purity until external influences like your parents start conditioning you. Watch children closely, they are brilliant at letting go. One minute they are in pain, the other they are smiling. Well you might say that that’s because they have short term memory; but do they? How far can you remember back? I can remember up age 4 vividly. In this letting go is a choice to some level.

Attachment to anything is the root cause of all suffering. You may think that only negative things create suffering in attachment but as I discovered being attached to happy memories or things is not helpful either. Why? What happens if they go away? Suffering commences because you are too attached. Letting go is the best way to live at higher consciousness levels.

Does conditioning play a part?

Letting go is hard today because you are being conditioned day in and out by the media in its different forms. Some think they will never get jobs because a certain news report says so. Please get back to the basics and stop leaving life according to what happens outside you. Inside, you are peace, love, acceptance, courage and harmony. Your true natural form is happiness and if you did not know other wise you will be happy. Start by reading less news papers and choose how you start your day rather than some one else making that choice for you. Begin to experience the peace within you. Letting go will revitalise your soul. Have the attitude; the economy is X so what?

The book ‘Meditations of a Watcher’  explains more on how we create our own experiences through our thinking. Letting go has been taught and encouraged by many visionaries. Start by making choices that encourage the attitude of letting go. Visit for a free ebook that will help you understand the power of letting go.

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