A Tale of Opposites (Original poem)

A Tale of Opposites (Original poem)

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Written  by @linzo

A voice, an echo- a cautionary summon

Rage at peak, balance, a miserable portion

Confusion ensued on souls so feeble

Bellow of hell’s flames, call to action

A desperate bid to grasp the unfathomable


Presence, absence in a blur of mist

Holding out a hopeful mast

For man to live his woes in earnest

In dungeons of pain and despair’s rivet

Dressed in veils of a magician feat


Pull and push an inevitable mix

A blend of life, spiced in a rotting death

Completing the circle, in an elementary fix

Engulfing the ring of seekers’ tithe

Chopping and changing with a transient axe


Ying and yang, a sensual dance

A mysterious lure in a shooting star

Hearth of souls, an inferno of balance

Cauldron of wisdom encircled in stir

Longing intact in rekindled romance

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