Where is my Bliss?

Where is my Bliss?

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Bliss is an energetic state

Bliss is a natural state


Exploring  the beliefs surrounding the state bliss.

Bliss is not a thing, it is a state of being. Like lost keys, you are searching for bliss in the same way you look for physical items. But you are not to blame, how are you supposed to know different when the very foundation of society is rooted only in the physical. Whether it is science or religion, we are bombarded by materialist views in all sectors of life. With an exception to children who still have a sense of wonder, adults never get a glimpse of life. The clue is in children’s innocence that allows them to explore reality in its entirety.  They have no preconceived ideas about what things should be. So if you are asking where your bliss is, the finger points to your childhood.

How is bliss related to childhood

That is where the conditioning began. In your purity as a child, you knew nothing of conditions until society started showing you the navigation map. On one hand this is done with the best of intentions  as we need to learn to live safely in society. But on the other, the conditions set become the invisible prison within which you cannot break out. A blissful nature can only be nurtured within an environment of self love and freedom. If you are living according to other people’s conditions, you can never discover your own bliss.

I am not asking you to ride a time machine back to your childhood. I am simply opening up a possibility for you to explore how it may be possible to gain more bliss in your life. Recently, this exploration has taken different forms such as, the Law of Attraction, yoga, nutrition, meditation…… But you know the void that you feel when you jump on short lived trends. These trends live you feeling more empty than they found you. But this is unavoidable, because hidden in the very nature of the way we search; is misery. Bliss is an inner(energy) phenomenon so we cannot use outside methods to search the inner. You can twist your body one hundred times but as long as you are not willing to follow the energy flow of the movements, you will stay on the periphery. This is what has happened to new age yoga practices. Your physical body looks good and healthy on the outside but what about your energy body?

So how do you turn on inward bliss?

meditation is a path to the inner

Meditation is a way inwards.

Once you have understood the science (energy) behind the physical realm, you are one step away to the inner. From a Western point of view, one needs to scientifically measure results before they believe. From an Eastern point of view, you just have to trust.  The disparity between trust and believe (in measurements) is what causes spiritual poverty in the West hence the constant misery. Because bliss can only be achieved on the inner, you have to learn to trust. Although meditation is one of the best methods to search the inner, its evolution in many different techniques has to be taken into account. To achieve inner bliss, meditation has to become a way of life. Unfortunately, there is nothing to support an independent way of life in many of the techniques on the market.

I therefore recommend that before you buy into any technique, check if it allows you independence? What does this mean? Ask yourself these questions: Am I able to use this technique in situations such as the middle of a boardroom meeting, driving, cooking, screaming at my kids etcetera. Always remember that meditation is a way of life, just like breathing. This means that you should be able to meditate anywhere. In other words, you have to be independent of any one in any given technique. Your bliss or lack of it is  unique to you and therefore no one can explore your inner creative vortex. If you understand this, you have understood that reality is created from inside and therefore it has to be changed from inside. Bliss and all other states of being can only be created inside. Don’t let anybody tell you any different!

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