Can we really Experience 3D Reality?

Can we really Experience 3D Reality?

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Is experience part of growth?

Einstein was quoted to have said that reality is an illusion. Could the illusion be due to the 2D reality that we experience? How can one experience the 3D reality. What is your reality?

Given that experience derives from perspective reality formed in the rings of conditioning, one has to have a quantum leap into the unknown to access the 3D reality. It has long been a search for the higher through the needs of the lower. A hungry man can barely think of the higher on a hungry stomach. The experience in his immediate realm is that of struggle and misery and hence reducing his chances to access the lower.

However once the nectar has been tasted, even a hungry man clings on to the taste

Experience the unknown so that the known becomes richer

A life fully experienced is a life fully lived

the higher. So it isn’t not that the circumstances stop the experience, it is that the experiencer has not had a grip beyond his/her immediate reality. All the mystics have had a glimpse of the 3D reality and one has to wonder how they managed to live in both realities. In suffering and joy the dual dances together, maybe it is the same acceptance one has to have before accessing the higher. To let go of the illusion, maybe we must be willing to laugh and cry. As if in a celebration of new borns that innocence only can protect.

A jump into the unknown is like death. Because it is unknown, it is fiercely avoided. Fear is used as a protection to cling on to the known. But what can one know surely without opening up to all other possibilities? Can a child experience walking without tumbling? Why are we so invested in safety of the known? It is only through experience the known is tasted for its worth. I invite you to watch the imbedded video.




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