Is the Ego the Ultimate Problem ever have to solve?

Is the Ego the Ultimate Problem ever have to solve?

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Ego is hinderance

Ego hinders all development!

Why Solve problems when the ego still exists?

Imbedded in our mind is an ego that thrives on misery. We create problems for its survival, without our own participation, the ego can’t exist. But it is more complex than that. The ego is nourished in revolving wheel of constant misery which started in identifications of the mind. From our childhood, the mind gathers impressions that eventually become our conditioning models. We then go around life with these impressions as our constant shadows. Our thoughts and actions are guided by these impressions of the mind that only breed suffering.

Can it be dropped?

Whatever is done can also be undone. Getting rid of the ego is no easy task but growing into it wasn’t easy either. The difference between growing into the ego and growing out of it is innocence. When you were young, your innocence made you open to all impressions and hence you unknowingly grew into the ego. The conditioning in your environment became the very basis for your growth. You were nurtured into the ego without you realising what was going on. The reverse is true when you are older, you now have to intentionally work backwards to get rid of the impressions on which the mind feeds the ego.

How can we drop the?

Meditation is the only tried and tested practice that easily transcends the ego. This does not mean that other practices such as yoga will not work. It simply means that everyone will have a method or practice that suits their needs. With so many different forms of meditations, one has to wonder where to start from in this ever growing maze. I would recommend to try as many methods as you possibly can to finally settle with what sits with your needs. Because we all sit with our egos in unique individuated ways, we have to find individuated meditations/practices to transcend them. The ego constantly casts a dark shadow on our very existence, we can’t experience life with it.  Let us begin to explore!

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