Feelings – Who wants to Sit with Them?

Feelings – Who wants to Sit with Them?

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Should we put more importance on the way we feel rather than Think?

What are feelings?

Feelings are the language of the soul. It is only through feeling that we know how healthy our emotional wellbeing is. Emotions tend to be the trail to the depth of what is in our subconscious mind.

What resides in our subconscious minds is a result of years of conditioning? We get comfortable with the discomforts we have been trained to handle.

For example, when I was a child, I was conditioned to not grieve; grieving was a sign of weakness that calls a pity party your way. And so I grew up suppressing all the emotions that I thought made me `weak’.

Tears were a rare find, who really wants to look weak? This conditioning was so ingrained that as an adult, I had to go through a fair bit of spiritual grounding to break the suppressive conditioning.

What really surprised me was that I became stronger as I learnt to express what I felt. Of course tears are generally not readily accepted everywhere but at least I had learnt to free myself in a way that I could talk about what I felt.

In the book, Nonviolent Communication by Dr Marshall Rosenberg, he mentions that you cannot really communicate without being in touch with your feelings. I highly recommend this book as it extensively explains the relationship between feelings and the way we communicate.

How can you possibly communicate what you have not felt?

Before I faced my suppressive demons, I was always feeling constricted in the chest. I sometimes could not breathe properly; I had so much accumulated suppressed emotions. All the years had formed into layers on top of each other. I was suffocating, literally dying to be me. they say that disease is dis-ease, I understand where this comes from; if I hadn’t found balance sooner; I would definitely have been another heart attack statistic.

But how many people are walking around just like I was with no idea what all the suppressed emotions are doing to their health?

How we escape

Living in duality doesn’t help because we always have references to what we are not. It is funny how we notice what is always is outside us rather than what is inside us. Going on the inside is pretty uncomfortable as we face all aspects of ourselves. Many of which are uncomfortable for us to watch. We have locked the cupboard for so long hoping we would never have to open it.

But daring we are when we finally open the cupboard-it is a rewarding experience even if pain always paves the trail to self-discovery.

So I encourage you today to open a pinhole, a window or even a door if you are feeling brave to peep a little inside your heart. Open up little by little to reveal your true nature, the nature of existence.

The tools to use are always with us, your heart but if you have been out of touch for so long; you might need some help. That help may come in the form of meditation, yoga, exercise, health diet, creativity etc.

I welcome you to take back the reins of your power by getting in touch with your emotions. Being vulnerable doesn’t make you weak, it makes you more receptive as you are humbler and graceful!

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